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Could visual stress be causing your child’s reading difficulties?

23rd May 2016

Children are encouraged to enjoy books from a young age, and learning to read is a huge part of their early years at school. Therefore, for parents, seeing your child struggling to read can be worryin...

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Cameron Optometry team survive gruelling Tough Mudder (just)

17th July 2015

The team at Cameron Optometry donned their protective specs and braved this year’s brutal Tough Mudder challenge in the Scottish Borders. Raising money for the International Glaucoma Association,...

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GPs lack confidence when dealing with major eye conditions

01st December 2014

A recent survey found that GPs lack confidence in diagnosing major eye conditions. The survey found that just one third of the GPs questioned were confident in diagnosing symptoms or signs of age-re...

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Police Scotland relax ban on officers with colour deficiency

03rd October 2014

Ian Cameron was asked on to BBC Radio Scotland to discuss Police Scotland’s decision to reverse its ban on recruiting officers with colour deficiency. The change in policy was a result of a legal bi...

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How ageing affects the relationship between the eyes and the brain

07th August 2014

A study in the journal Current Biology goes some way to explain why thinking ability in some people decreases as they get older and the key factor was the loss of ability to process visual information...

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Blurred lines

23rd June 2014

Last week I carried out a first ever eye examination on former Scotland rugby captain Mike Blair who was recounting stories of problems he has experienced with colour deficiency prompting me to write ...

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Glaucoma – let us catch it early

02nd June 2014

We’re supporting National Glaucoma Week (9-15 June), encouraging people to take Action for Sight and book an eye exam to check for signs of the disease. Over the years we’ve detected many cases g...

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The Eye Diet

07th May 2014

Since the New Year the Sunday papers have been packed full of articles on the 'latest' diet.  Sugar seems to be the buzzword for 2014 and it is encouraging to see more focus on simple healthy eating...

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China raising the bar to improve eyesight

03rd April 2014

I've had quite a few short-sighted children come through the doors this month and it reminded me of an image of Chinese school children. In China, some 41 per cent of children need glasses, whilst ano...

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No Smoking Day

11th March 2014

Tomorrow (12 March 2014) is No Smoking Day. Smokers across the country are being encouraged to give up cigarettes for numerous health reasons. Many of the negative effects smoking has on the body are ...

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